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Best Poker Tips – Some Poker Dos and Don’ts

Poker is a very popular game both on and off the net with live dealer casinos. It is a game of cunning and skill with a large part of luck involved. New players to the game will be eaten alive on an experienced players table so choose your online casino games very carefully.

The most common mistake is to start learning to play using cash. It is best to start off using free casino games get the feel for the games some clubs have league tables and play for points rather than cash. This way you are not likely to be hammered in the wallet first time.

When you start to play for cash start off small in fact the online casino tournaments are fairly cheap a nice $10 one is a good place to start try the multiplayer tournaments. Check the lobby of the tournament to see where the payouts start and try to aim to stay in until you hit the money “the bubble” then when you do you can aim to get higher and higher.

If you are playing live don’t do the jaw dropping action when you are dealt a good hand or the rest will all fold and you will be left with just the small and big blinds to go with your big cards.

Try to do the three times the big blind for a cracking dealt hand and twice for a good playable hand, but don’t go mad or they will all fold.

Another neat trick is the check raise. If you are under the gun and its your go first then let the bet go past you and check if you have a nice strong hand. Let the others bet until it comes round to you and then raise. This will sort out all the bluffers and the people with good hands will go with you. If they don’t then you win the pot for doing nothing.

Don’t let the players with a large stack bully you into folding, if you think you have the best hand go all in, let them lose a bit, after a few goes at this they will soon stop trying to bully you.

Another off putting tactic is chatting about your hand. Players will try to put you off by talking about your hand trying to speculate on what you have, ignore them they are trying to put you off. Another variation of this is playing with their chips doing tricks with them. Just because they are good at chat and playing chip tricks does not make them good at poker just another clever ploy to put you off ignore them. Play Texas online casino poker games at top US poker site using free casino bonuses.

On online poker I play to play and not chat I’m not rude but I switch chat off completely. I’m not the best player in the world by far but with these simple things I hold my own against most. Remember some times the cards just are not with you and nothing you do will affect you losing I’m very sorry to say that that is just poker and bad beats do happen.